Full transcription coming soon. The entire audio interview is available above.

Marjorie is a senior at Salisbury, Maryland. She is studying business management and is a member of a sorority on campus. She works as a leasing consultant and had another on campus job before COVID-19 shutdowns.

“Before this all happened, I said I would never miss going to class.”

Interview highlight:

“Before this all happened, I said I would never miss going to class. And I was grateful when class would be cancelled, ’cause I wouldn’t have to put in that effort to go onto campus, and now that’s something that I miss because… when you’re walking to class, you see people that you know all the time, say hi, have these little conversations that you can’t have anymore, because we can’t really see people. So that’s something that I definitely miss, along with my social life. And I kinda just miss basic freedoms of being able to go places without having to wear a mask, without having to distance yourself from people—just little things like that, things you wouldn’t miss.”

Majorie smiling.

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