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Katlyn is a fairly recent graduate of the University of Alabama and currently resides in Howard County, Maryland. Both her mother and sister work in a hospital while she works for a tent rental/event company.

“[My mother and sister] have to wear double masks, the face shields, they have to change into a different uniform when they get into work… so nothing is coming home that’s ‘infected’ or exposed.”

Interview highlights:

Katlyn: I’m such an introvert so I feel like out of my friends I’ve been handling this really well… I haven’t got really down or frustrated yet, its been actually kind of fun to see like what I had been prioritizing before this and like obviously going to businesses, doing everything for the Instagram posts, like I would do that every single weekend and I wouldn’t prioritize doing things for myself life reading or working out…So everyday I try to get a workout in, I try to limit social media as much as possible and just do things that I enjoy like DIY projects and I hang out with my sister a lot, we’ve been binge watching tv shows… just like doing all those forms of self-care I guess… and Face-Timing friends.

What is it like to work from home? Do you still feel productive? This isn’t what a lot of recent graduates were expecting. 
I really like working from home. I feel a lot more productive when I’m here, um I feel like in any job there’s so much lull period, there’s so much waiting for people to respond to you, and you’re just kind of waiting.

How has this experience changed your perspective as a young professional? 
I majored in event management when I was in school and I thought I would be working in weddings and parties and stuff after college… and I got a job with a tent company. We literally put up infrastructure for different companies… but when it comes down to it, I still have a job and all the people who are in weddings and events, most of them can’t have their weddings or events. So it made me really fortunate for that and it just made me realize how much job security should play in your decisions . . .  I didn’t really realize. . . [the nurses] have so many more things to worry about than like where they’re going to put a person… they need to focus on the care they’re giving them and their condition. Like they shouldn’t have to make them sit in the hallway, they should have a space for them.

I understand your mom and sister work in a hospital? What’s it like to be the family member of someone who is on the front line? 
It’s hard, I’m not going to lie… out of anyone that I’m going to see during this time, they’re taking the most precautions themselves. They have to wear double masks, the face shields, they have to change into a different uniform when they get into work… so nothing is coming home that’s “infected” or exposed. So yeah, it’s been life as normal when they’re home but it’s hard to see them sleeping more than normal and just more irritable and just telling us about the things they see and the long nights and stuff.

Is there anything else you want to add about the pandemic? The floor is yours. 

Katlyn: I feel like everyone should realize when this is all over we shouldn’t necessarily rush back to doing things just for the show of it, like you know we can’t necessarily do that now so like getting back to doing things for yourself and like not necessarily telling every single person about it, you know? Like workout for yourself! Go out for yourself!

Healthcare workers in the hallway of a hospital.
Photo by Oles kanebckuu from Pexels

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