Full transcription coming soon. The entire audio interview is available above.

Karen has a father with stage four stomach cancer and is currently moving.

“When [my dad] has chemo, I take advantage of it because he’s stuck in a chair. I miss that. And I feel like that’s time that has been taken away from me that I’ll never get back.”

Interview highlights:

“[Our moving process] is somewhat stressful and somewhat good. Because I couldn’t see anyone then that allowed me to just completely and totally focus on moving. But because I was completely, utterly focused on doing it kind of made me a little bananas.”

“He has never been alone […] I think it bothers me more you know, bothers us more than it bothers him.”

“I really think he’s already said to us that his support system is what’s getting him through it. I mean, he’s doing—he’s doing amazingly well. But I feel like that time was stolen from me.”

Living room with a couch, plants, and moving boxes.

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