Dr. Holly

Full transcription coming soon. The entire audio interview is available above.

Dr. Holly is a dentist.

“I am the only dentist I know that is actually scared of going back to work…I am worried that once I start seeing patients, I am at a higher risk of contracting it…contracting COVID…Our world was already becoming less ‘touchy-feely’ anyway before this so I sense there will be less hugging, less touching somebody’s arm.”

Interview highlight:

“The last couple of days of my job, I really struggled..and even though we closed down the dental office a lot earlier than a lot of other dental offices…I really worried about my staff, about patients, and yeah, I worried about me too as far as this mysterious disease that nobody knows anything about.

So when we made the decision to close the door of the office, of the practice, it was a good time to do so—it was a good decision. But basically, what has happened to me is that I have not had a job for six weeks, and I have had to see a couple of patients with emergencies, and have to put on all types of things I have never had to wear as a dentist beforelike a shield on my face, an N95 mask, and a gown. A gown that you have to change between each patient, so—yeah, when I get up and running, it’s really gonna change my job a lot.”

Dr. Holly

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