Full transcription coming soon. The entire audio interview is available above.

Rita lives by herself and has kidney disease.

“It’s gonna be a very strange world if this goes on a whole lot longer.”

Interview highlights:

“I miss my friends. I miss getting hugs. The one thing I wonder about is what this does or will do over a period of time to people’s relationships with each other.” 

“But I realized today that I’m-I am drifting away. I don’t seek out that interaction as much as I used to and I wonder if anybody else is like that.”

“I have an appointment with my nephrologist every couple of months […] so it was a FaceTime appointment. I assumed it was because she was worried about having people come into her office. No, what she said to me was, ‘I’m in the hospitals all the time and I think it’s unfair to ask people to come in and be exposed to what I might have picked up.’”

Rita sitting at a table outside with friends.

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