Without a Doubt

They say once you step into that land it won’t be the same.

They’ll judge you by the way you look.
They say you look nothing like them.

They say that the language you speak comes from an alien world. 
They say that you came here to take their jobs,
To take their homes…

They make sure you aren’t welcome here.
They try to take you out, knowing your hard work could get somewhere. They don’t know what you have been through.

They don’t believe in us…

Little do they know we came to get a better life.
We live in fear, not knowing what could happen.
We have to hide our culture,
Our language,
Our food,
Everything we have just to keep ourselves safe.

We aren’t who we are in this country that says it’s all about freedom…
If this is your America then I don’t want it.

Person with Mexican flag surrounded by images of handcuffs, two signs saying "leave" or "stay," and the words "alien," "stay out," and "you're not welcome here!"
Art by Wendy

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