Prepared to make the hard decisions
Predicts success in their future
Puts others first
Packs a punch
Ponders on what they think is right and wrong
Power level is over 9000 

Oriented towards all
Oozes good vibes
Oh so kind
On top of everything
Orders and takes charge ahead

Walks in front, leading the pack
Will take important risks
Wants to make a difference
Was in the wrong once before, but learned from their mistakes
Wits are unmatched

Erases and replaces bad memories
Everyday is a new day
Everybody is treated equal
Easy to cooperate with 
Eli is very handsome 

Radiates charisma
Rises above the limit
Rarely fights battles alone
Really strong, like can bench a lot
Ready for any challenge ahead

These and many many others are just some of the elements of power and what it means to be powerful.

You. Are. Powerful.

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