Cooper Reynolds and Sheyla Cristales

College Mentors: Andrea Vasquez and Shelby Malcolm

Cooper’s and Sheyla’s project is about women’s rights in school. Their project is a painting time-lapse video with a spoken word poem serving as voiceover.

Sheyla created a painting that highlights the double standards that exist in school dress codes. Through her piece, she wanted to convey the message that this double standard is wrong and girls should be given more freedom in what they wear.

 “In my painting I drew three girls wearing clothing that is always being ‘inappropriate’ because it shows too much skin. Then I drew three boys wearing clothing that also shows skin or is too tight, but is accepted in school because people don’t say nothing about it”

-Sheyla Cristales

Cooper created a spoken word piece that brings awareness to normalized situations of discrimination against girls in schools. She wanted her piece to speak for those whose voices are unheard.

“My spoken word poem’s purpose is to make the audience feel and to let those who are unheard know that they are given a voice”

-Cooper Reynolds

Watch the video here:


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