Full transcription coming soon. The entire audio interview is available above.

Regina is a UMD alumna, full-time school counselor, and founder of local hair salon Hair + Space Blowdry and Beauty Bar. As someone who grew up in Prince George’s county, she was thrilled to open her first salon in College Park last October. Since COVID-19 forced Regina to close her “nonessential” business in March, she has continued working hard to support her employees and keep the spirit of Hair + Space alive until it can eventually reopen. 

Interview highlight:

“It was really quite devastating, and quick and immediate. You know, we’re a service-based industry, we do hair. So, without being able to physically do hair, you know, our stylists are unemployed; they don’t have clients. And so, they all understood and was learning exactly as I was learning what the steps are that we would need to take. And at the time, there was all this funding and money that was going to the states and they could file for unemployment and they could do this, and they could do that, and I could apply for grants and all these things, which… none of which have come to fruition, even, you know, almost six weeks later. So, they’ve been home.

I have tried to sell online gift cards and products and the income from those things, I’ve tried to divide up and give to my stylists… while ultimately it doesn’t replace the money that they would be making if we were open. … If I was a full time entrepreneur with no other means of income, other than my business, I wouldn’t have an income. I would not have any money coming in right now.”

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