A Black Girl

A black girl full of dreads touches her shoulder.
A black girl with your beautiful face.
You are definitely a credit to your black race.
She remembered who she was and the game changed.
A black girl is so smart she uses her brain.

We blame society, yet we fail to realize that each and everyone of us makes up society.
A black girl shouldn’t worry about others shaming what she does with her body with stress and anxiety.
If you have to hurt people in order to feel powerful, you are an extremely weak individual. 
A black girl is going to always have potential and be original.

Imagine yourself as a blank canvas. When you hear negative comments, if you take them to heart and start to believe them, you are letting others splash paint on your canvas. They can make of you what they like; your sense of who you are is then defined by other people’s opinions.

A keyboard away doesn’t make you strong.
Your character shows how much you are wrong.
A black girl’s future is more valuable than her temporary feelings.
Flings in other words beings.
A black girl to be secure from not competing.

A black girl has a job, her own animal, roof over her head, family and manages to live comfortably before she meets you, understand she wants loyalty- not your money.
A black girl worked all night until the sun came down and afforded a bunny.
She’s so high maintenance not like these other hunnies.

A black girl is very stunning. 
A black girl loves grandma soul food on Sunday.
A black girl hopefully should be understood some day.
A black girl is not the kind of beautiful where you could just look at her and say “wow.”
A black girl is the kind of beautiful where I watch sweet movies and brush away tears.
A black girl is always beautiful in a mirror.

Black girl holding a lipstick tube and a phone.
Art by Talisa

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